Natalie Jean hits the Nashville Sign Billboard!

Natalie Jean graces THE Nashville Sign Billboard!

Here at HMP we pride ourselves on having an ear to the ground when it comes to hot new music. 

Especially music that has a message.

Natalie Jean has an extensive list of awards on her website.

After reading through fifty of the awards that she has received for her music, I decided I should just listen for myself. 

What I heard next hit me directly in the chest, and brought a tear to my eye. 

"We kneel because of the brutality, we kneel because we're dying"

Her voice is full of robust heartiness.

She exercises great control of her voice as she effortlessly soars above the band. 

The next music video of hers that I enjoyed is "The Forgotten" and it is about the veterans that have served the world. 

This music will make you feel something, and ideally inspire us to look within and change for the better. 

Her Instagram is a great place to be a part of her message.

Why not give her some love on there right now? 

Thats what I'm going to do...

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