Nick Johnson spreads love in downtown Nashville PREMIERE

 Nick Johnson spreads love in downtown Nashville

We here at HMP are fortunate enough to have been sent the music video of the BRAND NEW single from Nick!

Nick Johnson is a stellar musician and songwriter who is focused on channeling positive energy.

These are the kind of people that will help lead the future to a brighter path. 

In his brand new single "Spread Love" he sings about how "I got no time for hate" which is a very powerful message. 

I mean come on, don't you just want to go over to the ledge he is sitting on and hug him? (making sure he doesn't get pushed off in doing so)

I love the colorful 70's writing. 

The music video is a peaceful stroll down Broadway (the main street running through downtown Nashville) while Nick continues to spread love in every interaction.


It was directed by the famous Nashville producer Justine Blazer. 

The simple and beautiful concept of the video fits the message of the song. 

We can ALL learn something from Nick Johnson.  

Check out his Instagram.

Streaming now on all platforms. 

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