Serene teaches us how to "Run The Night" with her new single

Serene teaches us how to "Run The Night" with her new single

This track is perfect for the dance floor!

Not only is it about dancing, it is about taking control of our own bodies and minds, in order to transcend in a truly healthy way: dancing. 

 "We control our situations with our own mind..."

"We were born to run the night...don't wanna shout, don't wanna scream, don't wanna fly, just wanna dance all through the night."

The music has an eerie synth arpeggiation that drives the beat HARD. 

The production here is perfect.  

Heavy kick drums that pierce the chest.

The best part of this song is the way that Serene's beautiful and soulful voice soar through the air.

There is much wisdom in her lyrics. 

Make sure and connect with her on her facebook. 

This song is hypnotic, inspiring, and a surefire dance hit. 

Serene has a YouTube channel that is packed with great stuff too!

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